I am Jim Liestman and I have had a love for photography since I was a young man. I purchased my first camera when I got the paycheck from my first full time job. I served as a Chaplain at a North Carolina facility for people with developmental and physical disabilities for the last 34 years. I recently retired from my ministry and along with my lovely wife Kay (who retired from her career as a social worker) we are taking time to pursue other interests. We both love to hike and would prefer to spend time in a forest than in a mall. We especially love the National Parks and are making an effort to visit as many as possible. I have learned from the parishioners I served for so many years to see the beauty in God’s most simple creations. I fondly remember receiving bouquets of dandelions from my church members, who saw beautiful yellow flowers instead of weeds. Now my goal is to share the beauty of God’s creation with my photography. Another lesson I learned from these exceptional people was how much God reveals to us through nature. They understood the power and majesty as well as the delicate and gentle mercies of God as they looked at the clouds, trees, ocean, mountains, lakes, grass, pebbles and flowers. I hope with my photography to reveal God’s art. God is always creating and so the palette is always changing. I invite you to come and enjoy this ever-changing world of nature’s landscapes and thrilling wildlife. Our purpose with this website is for you to enjoy the pictures. People have asked me about purchasing pictures so that option is also available. Perhaps one day we’ll meet on a trail; we’ll be the two old folks being pulled along by our Australian Cattle Dog, Mattie.

-Cecil Frances Alexander
All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made the all.
Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colors, He made their tiny wings.
The purple-headed mountain, The river running by,
The sunset and the morning, That brightens up the sky;
The cold wind in the winter, The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden, He made them every one.
He gave us eyes to see them, And lips that we might tell,
How great is God Almighty, Who has made all things well.