Joe Wilburn(non-registered)
I was impressed with your attitude and gentle way with your photography when you were taking photos of the congregation. I am so glad you let me see your site today. I love the way you make God’s creation shine!
Mariano Sonka(non-registered)
This is really helpful info. Thanks for sharing a wonderful content!
Judy Canada(non-registered)
Your photographs are truly awe-inspiring. I love your documentation of nature in it's variety and wonder. Thanks to Kay for letting me know about the site.
laura Roberts(non-registered)
I am absolutely stunned by these photographs. They are spectacular as if God put his vision into your eyes and camera.
Stan Kimbrell(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs, especially of Yosemite. You have an eye for capturing light reminiscent of Angel Adams.
Carl Carlson(non-registered)
Your photography inspires us with the beauty and majesty of God as found in His Creation. And, it inspires me to strive for excellence in what I do. Thanks, Jim, for these wonderful gifts you have shared with us.
Cindy O'Neil(non-registered)
i've just discovered your work Jim. leaves me pretty speechless! the world is blessed by your talent for capturing natures' raw beauty. ((THANK YOU))
Judith H. Casey(non-registered)
I am absolutely amazed at the beautiful, beautiful pictures. Being the daughter of a professional photographer, I can and do really appreciate your work. If asked, I could never pick just one picture that I loved the best. Whether it was an outdoor scene or an animal, the subject(s) were "staged" in such a way that one couldn't wait to see the next picture. It was a sad situation when the pictures ended. All the scenic pictures with the background mirrored on the water are breathtaking. I sure wish that my father could have seen your work. He would also be in awe of your excellent pictures.
Jay L. More(non-registered)
I just Love all your Photos. I feel the same way you do about God's Beauty all around us. Everyone and all things are Beautiful in God's Eyes. I too enjoy Photography and hope to continue to pursue God's Beauty and share it with others also. I wish you and your Wife all the Best and God's Blessings upon you.

Jay L. More
I just viewed your website as it was mentioned in shutterbug. I enjoyed the images of Brice and Zion. The river images are great works. Yes, all created by our God. There must be some connection of working with special needs ( driving a school bus in my case) people and photography. Thsnk you for msking your images available. :-D
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